vemm tec Instrumentation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

vemm tec Messtechnik GmbH, with 15 years of experience in gas measurement, ranging from high pressure to low pressure application using ultrasonic and turbine meter, we thrive for simplicity and precision in our passion. 
vemm tec instrumentation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, inheriting the German technology, with continuous effort to improve our approach towards using multiple sensors in our ultrasonic gas meter.  In parallel, we focus on research and development to produce an application for natural gas measurement with core equipment and network system that is in sync with the current state of the internet. This will provide a holistic solution for our clients. Our aim is to be build our equipment and system based on our customer's needs. We will therefore create a long lasting value add for our customers by providing products with competitive edge and solution. We look forward to open new frontier, be adaptive to new changes and continue to innovate our products.
As we independently continue to improve our technical skills, product technology and services. We will keep our core company value: We always appreciate gratitude and trustiness wholeheartedly; We continuously perform to uphold our reputation. This will help us overcome obstacles and head towards a more exciting future.