The vemm tec IGTM (International Gas Turbine Meter) is designed in accordance with all major international standards.
The IGTM counts the increment of gas volume flowing through an annular passage in the meter. The gas volume is totalized on a local mechanical counter. In addition, pulse signals are generated to infer the gas flow and volume. The indicated gas volume is the actual volume that passed the meter at the actual temperature and pressure.
The IGTM is available in two models; CT and WT. The CT-model is approved for custody transfer in the European Community and other countries. It provides a high-accuracy turbine meter with a mechanical counter and electronic pulse outputs. The IGTM-CT has a body length of three times the nominal diameter: 3 DN. The IGTM-WT (Wafer Type) is a short meter with an aluminium body, and needs to be clamped between flanges. The WT model is only available for low pressure classes (PN10/16 and ANSI 150#). The IGTM-WT model is not suitable for custody transfer purposes.